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Fiat 500

What Kind of Tires are Right For My Fiat?

Getting new tires can be daunting, given the sheer variety, brands, and sizes on the market. Before you head to the nearest tire store, try to get answers for the following questions:

1. What tires do I need for my Fiat?

2. How much should I pay for the tires?

3. How many miles can I drive with the new tires?

4. Should I replace them with the equivalent or go for an upgrade?

Types of Tires:

Summer tires – these have a specific compound that offers good grip and can handle wet and dry roads in warm weather.

Winter tires – these tires are designed to work in harsh conditions such as snow and ice. They also handle wet roads in cold conditions.

All-Season tires – this specific tire combines elements that can handle summer and winter road conditions well.

4×4 tires: if you are an off-roading enthusiast, these are the tires you need. You can drive through mud, gravel, grass, and snow without getting stuck.

Run-flat tires: This is considered one of the best inventions for the automobile industry. If the tire is punctured, the flat will still operate till the driver can get to the nearest tire store. These tires will let you drive up to 50 miles. The only downside is that they cannot be repaired and have to be replaced immediately.

How to find the right tires:

Two key features distinguish tires from one another – the tread pattern and the rubber compound. These determine the environment in which they can be used and the conditions as well. When you find the right tire, you can rest assured that your car or truck will have the right traction. Some car owners switch from winter tires to summer tires dependent on the seasons and where they live in. If you are interested in tires check out Brandon Auto Mall where we have certified technicians to check your tires We also have great deals running for tires so come check out the coupons page here!